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Top 10 San Francisco Tourist Spots and Hidden Gems You Can Reach on Lucky Tuk Tuk

Top 10 San Francisco Tourist Spots and Hidden Gems You Can Reach on Lucky Tuk Tuk

See hidden San Francisco locations and major landmarks with Lucky Tuk Tuk tours

Ready to embark on an exhilarating jaunt through San Francisco’s most iconic and hidden treasures?

Buckle up for a whirlwind tour with Lucky Tuk Tuk, where every turn brings a new surprise, from secret pet cemeteries to the majestic Golden Gate Bridge. This isn’t just sightseeing; it’s an adventure on three wheels, zipping through the vibrant streets and uncovering gems that even locals might not know. Join us for a lively, quirky, and utterly unforgettable exploration of the City by the Bay, all from the quirky comfort of a Tuk Tuk!


10. Secret Pet Cemetery

It’s a little-known fact that a pet cemetery exists on a small plot of land at San Francisco’s Presidio. This delicately placed sacred space was used by military families to honor their beloved pets when the area was an active military base. If you ride Lucky Tuk Tuk, your guide will take you right past it. Jump out for photos if you dare.

Pet Cemetery at the Presidio
Pet Cemetery at the Presidio
Pet Cemetery at the Presidio



  • Fun Fact: This tiny patch of the Presidio is home to 423 pet graves including Sonny the Fish, Raspberry the Bassett, Mabeldog, Sally Sparkle, Kit Kat Binns and Yellow parrot Pus one human Margaret O’Brien (buried in 1889)


9. Lands End  


Have you ever stood on the edge of the earth? Well, Land’s End is about as close as you can get. After riding Lucky Tuk Tuk through the more metropolitan areas, you can experience the natural beauty of the city complete with gorgeous scenery, an ocean view, and the stunning unexpected experience of seeing San Francisco’s skyline from behind.


  • Fun Fact: Lands End contains the ruins of the Sutro Baths. Other historic sites include numerous shipwrecks, which are visible at low tides from the Coastal Trail and Mile Roc


8. Fish Alley


What’s a trip to San Francisco without a stop at Fisherman’s Wharf? This fishy hub for tourism has a lot to offer from the food to the locals. Fish Alley is a must-see, must-smell experience with so much fresh-caught seafood, your mouth will water! Zoom by on Lucky Tuk Tuk to get a unique breeze from local vendors.


  • Fun Fact: Hidden near the inner harbor on Pier 45 is the Fisherman’s and Seamen’s Memorial Chapel that honors the fisherman lost along the North California coast.


7. Painted Ladies


“Everywhere you look..” We all know the song, and of course we know the houses! Experience “Full House’s” and San Francisco’s architectural glory at Alamo Square. The Painted Ladies are an essential photo hot spot, so of course it’s on our Lucky Tuk Tuk tour. Hop out and take photos with your friends. Don’t worry, we’ll play the theme song in the background. We’re not kidding.

Painted Ladies at Sunrise by beholdcreators
Painted Ladies at Sunrise by beholdcreators
Painted Ladies and Downtown San Francisco Skyline at Sunrise by beholdcreators




6. Lombard Street


As crooked as they come, Lombard Street is a main event in San Francisco. You can feel like a celebrity winding down the slanty street in style. Lucky Tuk Tuk is small and stable, so it can take all of the angles of Lombard Street like a champ! Get closer than ever to this man-made wonder and wave to all the onlookers too. Note: due to hour-long traffic jams around this neighborhood attraction some days we will have to pass this gem.


  • Fun Fact: Lombard Street is known for being “the crookedest street in the world,” but residents of San Francisco say it’s actually Vermont Street in Potrero Hill. Vermont is steeper and has one less turn than Lombard. The debate continues.


5. Palace of Fine Arts


Ever wanted to go to Europe without leaving San Francisco? The Palace of Fine Arts gives you that feeling of grandiosity. Lucky Tuk Tuk parks right outside this building of mythical proportions. Take it in and take a photo too. Our driver will snap as many as you like.


  • Fun Fact: Built as a temporary building for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition the Corinthian colonnade and Romanesque rotunda of the Palace of Fine Arts were originally framed in wood, then covered with staff, a mixture of plaster and burlap-type fiber.


4. Haight-Ashbury


We know the Lucky Tuk Tuks are colorful, and that’s why they fit in perfectly at Haight-Ashbury. Take a time machine back to the swinging sixties with Grateful Dead music playing in the background. San Francisco’s flower children would be proud!


  • Fun Fact: Henry Haight, namesake of the Haight, was a banker, not a hippie.

3. Fort Mason / Marina Green and Crissy Field


History isn’t complete in San Francisco without Fort MasonCrissy Field in the Presidio. Located on a hilltop promontory, Fort Mason is an excellent location for harbor defenses. Over the past 200 years, the hilltop location has been occupied by the Spanish, the Mexican and the United States military. In its last military service Fort Mason served as the logistical and transport hub for WWII military operations in the Pacific. Open spaces stretch from upper Fort Mason through the Marina Green and onto   Crissy Field in the Presidio. Frolic through the grass, take in the panoramic views or just breeze on by with Lucky Tuk Tuk as your guide.


  • Fun Fact: Former airplane hangars and warehouses that were part of Crissy Airfield are now home to recreational uses from a rock climbing gym to a trampoline house. The airfield is now an 18 acre tidal marsh linked to the San Francisco Bay


2. Chinatown


San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the nation’s oldest and most revered. With unparalleled cuisine, crafts, and cultural merit, you’ll love riding through its narrow streets on Lucky Tuk Tuk. We will pass under the stone archway Dragons Gate as we enter Chinatown!


  • Fun Fact: Grant Avenue, currently the main street in Chinatown, was San Francisco’s first street.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

The most famous bridge in the world is crossed by ten million pedestrians a year and now you can get closer than ever onboard Lucky Tuk Tuk. Drive up to the rocks near Fort Point and the south tower and see for yourself why this majestic connector between San Francisco and Marin is such a showstopper.

Golden Gate Bridge by safranciscolifestyle
Golden Gate Bridge by safranciscolifestyle
  • Fun Fact: The bridge was constructed with a movable safety net under the bridge. That innovation did save 19 men when they fell during construction. They men who survived the fall into the net called themselves the “Halfway to Hell Club”


Bonus spots can be added if you choose to add time to your Private Group Tuk Tuk City Tour charter.

Private Tuk Tuk Tours routes can be customized to add in these two not-to-be-missed destinations


1. Mission Murals

If you’re looking for some authentic arts and culture, look no further than Balmy Alley, a Mission District mainstay. These colorful displays of artistic heart and soul demonstrate the depth of Hispanic culture in this San Francisco district. By Tuk Tuk, you can get close to the art in a new way, seeing the paint strokes and messages from a new angle.


  • Fun Fact: Murals first appeared along Balmy Alley in the mid-1980s as an expression of outrage over human rights and political corruption in Central America. Nearby Clarion Alley murals often depict themes of social inclusiveness.


2.  The Castro

This iconic neighborhood needs no introduction. A haven and meeting place for LGBT activists and community members, this colorful place is full of magic and life. On Lucky Tuk Tuk, you’ll fit right in with the rainbow sidewalks.

  • Fun Fact: The Castro wasn’t always a gay neighborhood. Until the early 1960s it was primarily white working-class, predominantly of Irish descent, and better known as “Eureka Valley”


And there you have it! From the iconic grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge to the charming, lesser-known nooks of San Francisco, Lucky Tuk Tuk takes you on a journey that’s as vibrant and eclectic as the city itself. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, these top 10 spots promise a kaleidoscope of experiences, each more captivating than the last. So hop on, buckle up, and let the city’s spirit whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure, all with the cheeky charm of a Tuk Tuk ride.


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